Weekly Update

Hello to all my fellow history lovers! Feeling a bit august this week? Yes. august with a small "a" and happy about it. A word we seldom use anymore, august means something venerable, or majestic, certainly memorable. And that is how I am feeling about our Tuesday Tour series led by the ever august Ed Hands. This past week we had our largest attendance, about 30 people, who came to learn about the Hayward and Pool families. Both families were represented which was very special. Another special appearance was our friend Bob Vogel, who brought several Pool surveying instruments and a thermometer, all manufactured by family members who now reside in the Pine Grove Cemetery. Ed provided a very informative tour and pointed out some special places such as an ancient shagbark hickory tree that was planted in South Easton following a trip to the midwest by George Washington Hayward in the mid 1850's, and the old hop field and kiln site that was used by the Hayward family for many years to provide high quality hops for that old New England staple, beer.

Attached is a sketch of the "Old Hop Kiln" used by several generations of the Hayward family. I hope you will enjoy it, and remember it whenever you decide to "have a cold one." As for me, I think I'll stick with lemonade.

Have a great week!


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