Weekly Update

Greetings! Summer lingers on, and the good weather has brought out a lot of visitors! Thursday afternoon seemed to be the jackpot, with people dropping in from before lunch until after 4 p.m.!

This week I am looking for your help to identify someone in a photo. The men are members of the South Easton Fire Company about 1959-1960. We do not know the man on the left and are hoping you might recognize him. The photo was submitted by Gene Blood with the following names:

?, Robert Mitchell, Gene Blood, Raymond Buck, Albin Swanson, John Meade, George Blood, and Al Straight.

As always, many thanks, and hopefully we can agree on who the mystery man is. If the photo does not come through in the body of the email, you can check out the attachment.

Have a good week, and enjoy summer!


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