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Greetings! What a great day here in Easton! The weather has changed from sticky and muggy to a very cool day. Such is New England. While summer is still here, we have a taste of beautiful fall days ahead.

Of Potholes and Delivery Trucks

Growing up on Foundry Street in the 1960's was an interesting experience. Traffic was very light compared to today, the Five Corners still had all five corners, and the area of Foundry Street, South Street, Highland Street and Poquanticut Avenue was full of families who could trace their roots back generations. I have great memories of growing up there. I would like to share one with you.

Foundry Street was somewhat less of a main drag in the days before it was extended to Mansfield. Going west from the Five Corners, it was both Route 106 and 123. After passing Old and New Ponds, one had to turn towards Norton, and then had to turn right at the Tally Ho onto Highland Street to reach Mansfield. This circuitous route was used by delivery trucks on a regular basis to service stores in Easton, Mansfield, and Norton.

One summer, probably around 1967, a pothole opened up in front of our home near South Street. Usually this was nothing more than a nuisance, but when large trucks hit it, the house would shake! This particular day the pothole delivered in a most unexpected way.

A Drake's Cake delivery truck, while traversing Foundry Street, hit that pothole and kept going towards the Five Corners. And going. And going, unaware that the impact had jarred loose the rear doors. The driver also failed to notice cases of Drake's Cakes that suddenly found themselves in the middle of Foundry Street! The truck never did return. Devil Dogs and lots of other treats were left behind for those lucky enough to find them. Remember I said there wasn't much traffic in those days? That was a good thing! In the days before cell phones, text messaging, and the internet, word got out quickly, and soon kids in the neighborhood arrived at the site to gather up those tasty morsels of sweetness! We rarely got those treats as kids, so a haul such as this was like finding pirate gold. We had treats all summer long.


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