Weekly Update

Greetings one and all! As we enjoy nice weather here, let's remember our members, family, and friends who will be impacted by Hurricane Dorian this weekend. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who will be impacted, residents as well as those who will be providing rescue and care.

It is time for us to "Save The Date" as we plan on celebrating fifty years of owning the Museum! Originally financed by the first Frederick Lothrop Ames and opened in 1883, and subsequently presented to the Old Colony Railroad, the building was bought for the Society by David Ames, John S. Ames, II, Senator Oliver F. Ames, and William A. Parker and given to the Society in November 1969. Sadly they are not with us any longer to join in this celebration, but members of the Ames and Parker families will be in attendance as we remember these four special donors. Plans are being developed for a special afternoon on November 10 at Easton Country Club. You will receive notice as soon as plans are finished. So save the date, November 10, and watch for details

Stay well, and safe!


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