Open House Sunday October 13

One hundred fifty years ago the driving of a golden spike ceremonially completed the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad. A telegram was sent to the Ames Shovel Company in North Easton, notifying Oliver Ames, Jr. of the event. Join us at our Open House on October 13th from 1-5 p.m. as Frederick L. Ames talks about attending the recent 150th Anniversary of the Golden Spike ceremony.

The most famous photograph associated with the first transcontinental railroad is Andrew J. Russell’s “East and West Shaking Hands at Laying of Last Rail.” Commonly known as “The Champagne Photo,” Russell’s “East and West” was one of many glassplate exposures taken on May 10, 1869, by three photographers who were present at the Golden Spike Ceremony. More than any other image of that day, however, the champagne photo seems to capture a defining moment in our nation’s history. Photo courtesy of National Historical Park, Utah

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