Weekly Update

A hale and hearty hello from frosty Easton! The arctic air has found its way here, but that won't stop us from having a great day on Sunday!

We will be celebrating the gift of our Museum from the Ames and Parker families with a special event at the Easton Country Club this Sunday. Many thanks to all of you who have made plans to attend, and I look forward to seeing each and every one. And thanks to those who have donated towards this event in so many ways. This is an event 50 years in the making!

Please note that the Museum will not be open for our usual open house. We are already making plans for the holiday season, and you will be hearing about that in the next few weeks.

This is also Veteran's Day Weekend. I hope you will remember to honor the lives and memory of all of our veterans on Monday. I plan on attending the parade in North Easton, and the ceremony at Veteran's Memorial Park just down the street from our Museum. Remember to thank a veteran for their service too.

This past Thursday, 2nd grade students from Moreau Hall visited the Museum. My part for the day was to take them to Veteran's Memorial Park and share the meaning of that special place, explain the symbology, and instill a sense of what it means to protect our freedom and what the cost of that freedom is. I hope my efforts were worthy for the sake of all who are memorialized there and at other War Memorials in Easton.

With thanks to the brave men and women of all the branches of the United States Armed Forces, both present and past,


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