Hello, and Happy New Year to all! My year got off to a good start when I remembered to write "2020" on my banking slip yesterday. I usually spend the first week of the new year tearing up papers after I realize I was still writing the previous year on my paperwork. So far, so good!

For the first update of the new year I thought I would include a fun item for you. Dog - N - Suds, a once popular chain of root beer stands, for many years had a location in South Easton, on the corner of Belmont Street and Washington Street, where the current Honey Dew Donut / Subway store stands. Many of us remember driving up to the large exterior awning, having someone come out and take our order, and bring it to us a few minutes later on a tray that was made to clip onto the side window of our car. Do you remember the food items that were available? The menu below was taken from the back of a postcard used to advertise the food they served. Maybe someone out there might have a better menu?

We are looking forward to our first Open House of 2020 next Sunday, and I hope you'll join us!

All the best,


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