From Jonathan Coe

Our 1970 OA classmate, Kristina Lappin McGill (Kris McGill) has recently donated an fascinating 1871 Bristol County Atlas, to the Easton Historical Society. I have a few images of Easton from the atlas AND a special certificate that was found inside the large atlas. This was a Easton School system, certificate of perfect attendance, in the year 1911. It was awarded to George Ripley Wood. George was a grandson of Samuel B. Ripley and Rebecca Ripley that lived in the 1850 house on 100 Main Street. (corner of Main and Sullivan Ave currently. There was no Sullivan Ave. then) This Atlas must have been his family and was given to Kris. As a director of the Historical Society, I want to publicly thank Kris for this wonderful donation to the Museum. I also want to thank another 1970 classmate, Jimmy Kempf for his generous donation to the museum of yearbooks from 1967, 1968, 1969, and 1970! We have a great collection for your viewing pleasure and research.

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