Weekly Update

Greetings from a not too wintery Easton! It is hard to believe it is February 1 today, and there is hardly a sign of winter. Except for a skimming of ice on ponds and windshields, and a few frosty mornings, winter has been very kind. That is a pretty good deal for those of us on budgets who plan for plowing expenses that have not been needed!

Speaking of budgeting, I have some good news to share! The Town of Easton was recently recognized by the Government Finance Officers Association for excellence in budget presentation! Connor Read, Town Administrator, who received notification of this prestigious award, thanked everyone involved in developing Easton's annual budget for their work in providing a budget that is detailed and presented in an effective way. Many, many hours are dedicated to preparing the Town budget each year, and doing it with excellence is well worth noticing. Please join me in extending congratulations to all who have been involved with the budget process! The announcement is attached for you.

Wishing you all a wonderful week,


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