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Forty-two years ago today we were buried under some 30+ inches of new-fallen snow, thanks to that storm known as the Blizzard of '78. As this dreary, but mostly snow-less winter carries on, there is no need for panic. It seems like any chance of a repeat of the big storms I remember as a child grow slimmer each year.

This weekend we will have our Open House on Sunday, February 9, from 1-5 p.m. We will take a look at another important anniversary, the 1980 Winter Olympics and the gold medal winning U. S. Men's Hockey Team! Easton's own Jim Craig was the goaltender for a team that was seeded seventh (after being blown out by the Soviet Union team a few months earlier in a pre-Olympic contest). It seemed like the Russians would be in line to win their 6th Olympic ice hockey gold medal in 7 Olympics! In the midst of the Cold War, these young men from the United States rose to the challenge, first defeating the Soviets with a rousing victory that got our patriotic blood flowing, and then Finland in the gold medal game. Now, forty years later, we will have on display items about Jim Craig including trophies, awards, magazines, and news clippings from his hockey and Olympic career.

We will also be featuring a new item for sale - a handsome mug to hold your favorite hot beverage. Be it coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or any other favorite drink to warm you on a cold winter's day, you can sip it while supporting the Society!

Below is a photo taken by me on the day of Jim Craig's Easton parade. Yes, it was wet, as evidenced by the umbrellas, but I was there on Main Street with my always ready Instamatic camera. Just as the car passed, Jim turned to wave and I was able to quickly snap a picture of him. I still remember taking the shot and hoping that it would come out well. After all, there was no instant imaging in those days (excepting Polaroid of course), so I did not know if I had a good photo until a few weeks later when the developed film came back. Enjoy, and I hope to see you Sunday.

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