Hello again,

last week I sent a photo of the former Bank and Post Office building. Frederick L. Ames sends along the following to add to that posting:

Frank, A little bit more on the old Post Office building. The architect was Richardson's son in law, George Foster Shepley. He designed it as an amalgam or bridging of the architecture of the two buildings that dominate the Rockery area: the Richardsonian Oakes Ames Memorial Hall and the yellow brick Neoclassical Oliver Ames High school building. While the old Post Office building has the distinctive Richardsonian features (that fit nicely) of the brownstone arch, the walls of Easton granite, and a terra cotta tile roof like the Hall has; the design itself is in the Neoclassical style of the high school. Note how symmetrical the design is, just like the high school building. Richardson's buildings are almost always asymmetrical. He was the master of designing buildings that were "balanced" without the use of symmetry. The Hall is a good example of that. Ironically the only exceptions in his designs are his train stations.

Thanks, Fred!


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