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Hi from a sunny but cool Easton! It feels good to see the sun today, and with temps climbing into the 40's this weekend, spring must be close behind.

Below is a nice photo of one of the early trolleys that served Easton. Taken sometime before 1920, it shows a Brockton Street Railway trolley car at an unknown Easton intersection. The crew, who are all posing in the front of the car, would include a driver and a conductor. The men in the white shirts may have been mechanics who worked on the cars.

Trolley service in Easton began as early as the mid 1880's, with horse drawn trolleys being pulled over light rail. The earliest line ran from North Easton center to Main Street, Brockton. This helped to bring people back and forth to work, either in Brockton or to Easton. It also provided the means to take a party for a special trip, to see one of the shows at a Brockton theatre, or perhaps a "joy" ride to one of the small amusement parks that were just becoming popular. Electric cars replaced the horse drawn trolley cars by the turn of the 20th century, and trolleys were eventually replaced by busses following World War I.

As trolley service expanded, companies were formed to provide trolley service to Taunton, Stoughton, Canton, Mansfield, Plymouth, and other destinations. The lines became so extensive that one could literally travel by rail anywhere they needed to.

One interesting place connected with trolley service in Easton is Electric Avenue, a small side street off of Main Street on the way to Brockton. It was here that electric trolleys could park overnight, and some maintenance work could be done. A few sections of rail were kept to use as replacements when needed. As a child, I can remember Mr. Russ Erving who was a trolley car driver in his younger days.

I hope you enjoy the photo, and wish you all a good week and an early spring!


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