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Hello one and all! As we navigate these uncertain times, a little humor can go a long way. With apologies for the following, I hope it might cheer you up today. The jokes are taken from early Oliver Ames High School yearbooks (month and year noted).

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OA Yearbook Jokes

April, 1916

He (at the gate): “Can’t I come in?”

She (shaking her head): “You’d want to sit in the hammock with me if you did.”

He: “Really I won’t.”

She: “Then what’s the use?”

November, 1923

Teacher: “Give an example of breaking a minor law to keep a higher one.”

Student: “An autoist coasting down a hill at a greater speed than allowed by the speed limit. If he stops, he will break the law of gravity.”

Boys are like Fords – always skipping!

December, 1923

Teacher: “There is a poll tax, income tax, and war tax. Can anyone name any more?”

Student: “Thumb tacks.”

Math teacher: “Now, Mr. Holmes, I want you to put some good time in on these examples.”

Student: “What do you call a good time?”


Frank T. Meninno

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