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Greetings from a stormy Easton! Summer is getting in full swing, with warm temperatures, humidity, and thunderstorms rolling through last night and later today. The rain has delayed the cutting of our hedges, but Monday and Tuesday look to be likely candidates to do that work.

For today, we harken back to a time of dirt roads, horses and wagons, and the newness of having a photograph taken. The photo attached is taken from a stereoptic card made about 1870. It is a street level view looking east on Main Street from the Town Square. It would be more than ten years before the Rockery would be built. Still, this was a gathering spot for many, and the photographer captured an everyday view of life in North Easton at that time. Main Street is mostly undeveloped, lacking the storefronts we all know today. In the background, the spire of the Catholic Church (later St. Mary's Hall) rises above the buildings. A group of men sit on a stonewall at the corner (right side of photo). A lone horse and wagon get ready to turn onto Center Street. The grassy patch of ground in the forefront would eventually give way to a watering trough and fountain. A few of the first street lights, filled every morning with oil and lit each night, are visible. Note also the variety of fences along the front of the buildings.

Wishing you all health and peace in the week ahead,



Frank T. Meninno

Curator, Easton Historical Society and Museum 508-238-7774

Main Street looking east

Main Street looking east

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