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Hello from Easton! Massachusetts is currently still in Phase II of its reopening plan, which does not include museums. Phase III is set to begin in the first half of July if all goes well. At this time, the museum remains closed and it looks like we will not have a July open house. Even if we are allowed to open (given events around the country, that may or may not be on schedule) we are not sure what may be required of us to host an event. I'll keep in touch as the summer unfolds. Several area museums have chosen not to reopen at all this year, as they choose to exercise caution for their patrons and docents. Others are preparing to reopen in some capacity. I am carefully watching to see what our area museums will do.

Today we will take a postcard trip to South Easton, with a "bird's-eye view" of Morse's Corner. The photo is taken over the area of what is now Stonehill College, and looks southwesterly over the area of Washington Street between Belmont Street and Central Street. It is dated to the early 1950's.

The large white area in the center is the intersection of Belmont and Washington Street. In the middle of the area is the small building where Norma Buck ran Topsy's restaurant for many years. Across the street, nestled between the trees and Morse's Pond, you can see the 400 Club. Just above that is Morse's Pond, and at the left end of the pond, the former Morse factory on Central Street. Brockton Tool Company owned the building when this photo was taken. A little more to the left, and partially obscured by trees, is the Crofoot Gear building, which was also owned and operated by the Morse family.

If you look closely along Washington Street, center left in the photo, you can see the Swan house, which stood for many years before becoming the site of the current Easton Marketplace building. Following along to the left of the photo is the building that housed Horace Mitchell's store, and later Abbott's Pharmacy. You can also see how undeveloped South Easton was compared to today.

Hope you all stay well as we continue to persevere through this pandemic!


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