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Greetings, and a happy 4th of July to all! This year July 4th will be very different than any I can remember. No fireworks displays, no parades, no fairs, and probably no big parties and barbeques. My neighborhood has been eerily quiet (I have usually heard a few "bangs" by now!).

Summer reminds me of such things though, and a favorite summer event always meant a nice cold Simpson Spring soda! I am a Moxie man myself, and a few ice cold Moxie's helps me through the hot summer days. Simpson Spring was a bottler of Moxie for many years.

Simpson Spring is still one of those rare places where you can get small bottles of terrific soda. You can mix and match varieties as well, so a simple six pack or two gets everyone a favorite flavor to enjoy. Back in 1878, when Simpson Spring first began bottling beverages for commercial sale, advertising cards were used as giveaways to customers. Many of these cards were issued in series, so you had to be a repeat customer to continue to get the next card in the series. Often full of Victorian era humor, the cards were the forefathers of today's business cards, providing a memorable print with necessary business information on the reverse.

Attached today is one of a series of advertising cards issued by Simpson Spring, South Easton. A very "Apple Sauce"-y woman is seen chasing some troublesome youths from her apple orchard. The card dates to 1878. Thank you to Bob Vogel for his help in obtaining this for our collections. Check out www.simpsonspring.com for more information.

Stay well,



Frank T. Meninno

Curator, Easton Historical Society and Museum 508-238-7774

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