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Hello my fellow history lovers! This morning on my way to the Museum I took a chance and drove through the Oliver Ames High School area. There, standing along the walkway in front of the high school, was the OAHS Class of 2020! They were dressed in red gowns with white trim and a variety of face masks as well. Soon they would begin that time honored tradition of walking to Frothingham Park for graduation. Please join me in congratulating the Oliver Ames High School Class of 2020, and all of the 2020 seniors around the country who have persevered through difficult times to complete their journey through school.

Today, we find Furnace Village photographer H. C. Belcher taking his camera and skills to North Easton, where he took the time to capture a terrific image of Unity Church. When this photo was taken around the late 1890's, the church was about fifteen years old, and there is a fair amount of greenery growing on the building. The church, donated by Oliver Ames Jr. and designed by Harvard trained architect John Ames Mitchell, opened in 1875. This view shows the east side of the church, facing Main Street, and includes the original St. George and the Dragon three bay stained glass window. This window was removed to make way for John LaFarge's Wisdom window which was commissioned in 1901. The original window was removed and given to Immaculate Conception Church for their new church building on Main Street, where it still resides, and it is quite remarkable in its own right. Unity Church today stands as one of the best designed small churches in New England, and is a highlight of our historical tours. Here is a link (with great photos) to a good article about the two LaFarge stained glass windows at Unity Church (the other window being the older "Angel of Help" window. https://fad510e6-1464-4f2f-85be-6a39dfc4476e.filesusr.com/ugd/e35a5d_abf3f4c2071f4fbdb9f7321e5fb9def3.pdf

I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend, and until next week, stay well!


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