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Greetings from the friendly confines of the Easton Historical Society and Museum! From time to time I pass along items that may be of interest to our members. If you are in the Brockton area today, stop in and check out a book sale sponsored by the Brockton LIbrary Foundation to benefit the Brockton Public Library. You can peruse a wide selection of books at a very affordable 25 or 50 cents at the Library's branch location adjacent to the Shaw's Center, 540 Forrest Ave, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. This is an outdoor event.

Today I have attached an interesting photo of the Belcher family at play. A few weeks ago I sent a photo of the family posed for a formal portrait at a summer outing. Among the items in the photo were early tennis racquets. Today's photo features a game of lawn tennis at the 20 South Street home of William Belcher. Both photos were likely taken at the same outing. However, it is hard to get good action photos without blurry images, so this is really a terrific photo that shows the technical skills of photographer Henry Belcher. Family members are playing mixed doubles (in their nice clothes, mind you) while others watch from the sidelines. The family house is in the background, and in the center is a windmill that would have provided water for the farm.

Hoping you all stay well, and until next time,



Frank T. Meninno

Curator, Easton Historical Society and Museum 508-238-7774

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