Weekly Update

Greetings!  A week that began so innocently sure turned difficult rather quickly.  A strong Tuesday night storm brought winds that knocked down some large trees, resulting in more than half of Easton losing power until late Wednesday night.  And the news of the President being treated for the coronavirus complicates an already difficult election season.  These are two powerful reminders that winter is nigh and that the end of the present pandemic is not in sight just yet.  Let's continue to persevere through all these storms in hopes of much brighter months to come.

We all need a little cheering up now and then.  Today I share a photo from the Belcher album that I hope will put a smile on your face!  Gathered for a summer picnic in the shade of a grove of trees are members of the Heath, Belcher, and Drake families.  It may look innocent at first glance, but looking closely, you can see a little fun in the photo.  Henry Heath stands in the back left holding a pouring tin of some concoction.  His wife stands next to him with a basket of apples.  The young ladies are sitting on blankets, and the young men are mostly standing in the back, passing around a bottle of "something" to lift their spirits.  Even the ladies are sharing a little something extra!  As you can see, hamming it up for the camera is nothing new.  If you look close enough I think you'll find lots of little treats in this photo.

Until next week, stay well,


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